• UX art
  • ArtAcclaim was at first an extension of Burning Turnip, a site I conceived as a full fledged resource for contemporary art in LA. I felt that this concept had so much potential that I decided to make it it’s own thing. The idea was to allow people to post their contemporary art and have it privately critiqued and given “acclaim” so that the best art climbed to the top of visibility. I built the site on a CMS called Pligg. At the time I had to customize it to the extent that it was no longer capable of being updated. At that point I decided to put it on the back burner until I could find another developer to work with. I also contemplated the idea that running an app would be a big undertaking and possibly too limiting.

  • In 2007 the highly anticipated Apple iPhone was released. Even before it was, a workshop was established for iPhone online app development. It was hosted at the Adobe building in San Francisco, with plenty of free Red Bulls to accompany it. There I met some great developers from Yelp, Apple, and Google. Everyone was introduced to a tiny unknown site called Twitter. There I created an app for online vector drawing called Splatlab. It never became a fully realized product. I did however spend a good amount of time reading up on the fledgling field of User Experience and also drafted a storyboard and flow chart for the user interface.


Cody Pallo

Cody Pallo is a Media Artist who has long had the dream of merging his love of art, design, technology and business. This has compelled him to constantly search out new avenues of expression. Current Medium is a comprehensive collection of his past projects.