• Products art
  • In 2002 I was accepted to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for Industrial Product design. I had designed a few amateur products in the past but didn’t realize what a dangerous practice it was until I started to get hands on with the professional side of it. I decide to pursue another path in multimedia. Although I didn’t continue with my classes, I did maintain a passion for products, specifically novelties. After working as a Graphic / Textile Designer at RedEnvelope and just around the time I started working at Gershoni Creative Agency, I decided to create this tiny arts novelty company. Not all the products I designed were carried through to completion but I had a great time coming up with abstract products that had no other purpose other then to entertain.


Cody Pallo

Cody Pallo is a Media Artist who has long had the dream of merging his love of art, design, technology and business. This has compelled him to constantly search out new avenues of expression. Current Medium is a comprehensive collection of his past projects.