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  • After making art for quite some time and playing in a few bands myself I decided to try my luck at creating music on my own. A good amount of my time had been dedicated to earning my certification in Media Arts from the School of Media Arts, Santa Barbara. There I took music recording classes from the owner of the recording studio that had done some notable albums by Depeche Mode among others. While reading up on tech news I stumbled on an article on how to make music on an old Nintendo Gameboy. I attempted to get good sound but had some difficulties with the pitch, especially on the first song. Surprisingly, It was rated the highest of my songs on the site Chiptunes Collective.


Cody Pallo

Cody Pallo is a Media Artist who has long had the dream of merging his love of art, design, technology and business. This has compelled him to constantly search out new avenues of expression. Current Medium is a comprehensive collection of his past projects.