• Business art
  • Sugar Vision is my first LLC. Although conceived as a creative agency I later decided to turn it into a company that merges my passion for publishing, art, AR,VR, and MR. The company is to eventually release an app called Gallery Visitor. I also created a site of AR, VR, and MR concepts called Honey Dynamite.

  • The Oasis was my first endeavor into the world of business. I was 13 when my lemonade stand was shut down for not having business permits. Instead of fighting the system I worked with it and established a mobile refreshment cart. Because I was in Jr. High I only did this during the summer. Several newspaper articles were written about me which made me kind of a local celebrity in the small town of Ojai, CA.


Cody Pallo

Cody Pallo is a Media Artist who has long had the dream of merging his love of art, design, technology and business. This has compelled him to constantly search out new avenues of expression. Current Medium is a comprehensive collection of his past projects.